Monday, 18 June 2012

3rd Game possibly?

First of all I went to the workshop at Fulwood college to get the student involved with squiggle me but in the end I had to reschedule because only on student turned up and so doing this on Tuesday the 19th. Anyway I thought Id take a trip to the uni having a few ideas on board and what i wanted to get across to the tutors was I want to create a game that lets you draw consequences or helping you as you go along and most important at has to be simple. so at the moment I'm just looking into different types of graph papers what works well, what size and how many rows there should be. the basic rules will be start any where and you have to get to the other end of the board but the other players can block. At the moment it might be bit hard to take in so when i have some pics ill put them up and show what I mean and also I think I've finished the literature and synopsis so need to get checked again. :)

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