Wednesday, 25 April 2012

final touches

Since my last post I have mainly been looking into the research side of things to create a professional layout. The key was looking into make and do websites such as pop, cbbc and many others and to keep it simple I have gone with simple rules which are shown by pictures and  a few words the colour scheme and the idea of keeping that childish look which gives that appeal to the target audience and finally all the essays are fully complete a ready for hand in. now just looking through notes of whats relevant to my presentation.

New layout

Monday, 16 April 2012


After a few days spending at the therapy session in Lancaster I have only managed to get a few patients taking part. This can be due to the lack of confidence and their focusing. However I do have some good news my Squiggle me activity really impressed the Manager and some of the working volunteers and from here they are going to try every other day and fit it into their activity schedule. Like I say this all depends on whether the patients feel well enough to do it. From here I learned a few things in using this in therapy and one of the main points was to tell if someone has been getting. This could be used in the sense of say one patient was only able to scribble and not draw that well but just say another week later and they tried it again shapes might form from that person or even actual drawings and this mean the patient is improving so the hospital is heading in the right direction in terms of progress.

Overall Its been very different taking "Squiggle Me" to a Psychiatric institution and I believe if I get through to the patients and my game helps, I'm going in  the right direction in relation to aiming a product with people with difficulties. Some very interesting points came out which was brilliant such as overlapping drawings such as a head continuing or a body on one page and the head exploding onto another.

One of the patients who was obsessed with noses

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What to do?!

Just to give a heads up on the situation recently I have been working on my essays one and two are complete but number three is still there. I'm currently working on that along with getting some ideas of the layout for "Squiggle Me". The most important thing that has come is for me doing a workshop day on the 18th For an opening day and even better i have been in contact with a couple of clients and the manager of Ride Lea Hospital in Lancaster and I managed to get my Game idea across and I've been in with a lot of contact ever since and this Thursday I'm going in to volunteer from 11am till 3pm to play around with the game idea with some of the nurses and patients and see what they can get out of my game. Overall the manager was really impressed with the idea and thinks it can go far in terms of therapy.

The only thing that comes close to my actual game idea is something called TTCT where Karl Jeffries took a look at my work and ideas. The test is named torrence tests for creative thinking and this goes all the way back to the 1950's and is one of the biggest creative tests in the world. These tests are based on MEASURING creative thinking where I want to push the boundaries and create something in terms of something being fun, cool and popular. The main points about "Squiggle Me"
. Get better at drawing and being creative
. Improve Literacy skills
. more confidence when speaking out aloud
. Aimed at the entire target audience can help people with specific learning disabilities
. Possibly could be seen in schools to improve learning
. Create your own games and your own rules/ upload them to pixel me website.
. Other various games and projects can be built around these templates
. Team building/ holiday activities.

.most important lots of FUN!!!!!

Lots of shading.

really creative in terms of scenes.

Love the idea of using the cards to connect the drawings together.