Friday, 22 June 2012

Fulwood College

After rescheduling the workshop I decided to take Squiggle Me down to Fulwood. We had a group of about 10 of us and again I just told them a bit about myself and what I've done, Then got straight down to Business. This time I decided to set a theme around the Guild 2012 and so the participants had to draw related people, buildings and stories to incorporate that into the squiggles. examples; P.N.E, Tom Finney, Tight rope walker, B.A.E, cotton industry, Harris museum and many more. Then once all the drawing was complete we decided to get into pairs and create a story via the cards we made and once finished we all go up in pairs and told our own stories related to the guild.

Overall The session went really well and again I tried a different approach of having a theme which made boundaries, One thing was brilliant and that was one of the pairs decided to make a poem which again another way of presenting squiggle me. I also instead of a group story individual ones and it was great to see other peoples thoughts and ideas. At the moment synopsis and literature done. going to look at dissertation brief and experimenting with the 3rd game idea with different types of grid papers. 

Guild Drawings

Cutting out

Discussing stories


Monday, 18 June 2012

3rd Game possibly?

First of all I went to the workshop at Fulwood college to get the student involved with squiggle me but in the end I had to reschedule because only on student turned up and so doing this on Tuesday the 19th. Anyway I thought Id take a trip to the uni having a few ideas on board and what i wanted to get across to the tutors was I want to create a game that lets you draw consequences or helping you as you go along and most important at has to be simple. so at the moment I'm just looking into different types of graph papers what works well, what size and how many rows there should be. the basic rules will be start any where and you have to get to the other end of the board but the other players can block. At the moment it might be bit hard to take in so when i have some pics ill put them up and show what I mean and also I think I've finished the literature and synopsis so need to get checked again. :)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Blaze Group

Yesterday I went to the blaze group to a place called Nelson near Accrington. It was only a very small group but the night went really well and the people taking part were really enthusiastic which was brilliant. First of all I did quick talk about me and my ideas then they got me and Jenny to play a game which was about ninja poses, its a bit long to explain here but the main thing is that it  got everybody involved and engaged. Once that was done I got Pixel Me out for everyone to start drawing their characters and then got straight into playing the game. My intended ideas was for me to start the game off and then me to step out and get the group as a whole  to decide on their own rules from the basics of GET STEPH!

It was really great to see what the group came up with and it was brill because not just duels were going on but they decided to incorporate other toys as blockades, so you needed a certain number to get across. There were also bases at each end and shapes within a toy at the center which had shapes and if you got an even you collected one and needed to head back to base a bit like capture the flag.

Overall the feedback was positive, everyone enjoyed them selves and took their models home great night. 

Drawing and cutting

Jenny's monster

Towards the end of the game all or nothing