Squiggle Me Designs

Squiggle Me 

The First Tests Students and Tutors

These are based on quite large shapes and it just so happens they were quite difficult and so I had to change the shapes in some sort of way.


So after a few more tests I was looking at scaling the shapes, rotating them, adding more than one, shading them in and lots more but eventually I decided to use squiggles and they worked perfectly in the sense of being creative and imagination. I did have to play around to get the best ones and not make them to big or too complex but here are a few of the first squiggle test.

The School

Here are some of the designs for the squiggle me cards. I took these to the school and let the kids have a play around with creating anything they want based on the squiggles on the card. This was great to see the kids enthusiasm and different ideas and perspectives of each student. they are aged around 9 - 10 in year 5. 

1st Years

To get the templates up and running I decided to get the first year games designers involved again, here are a few creations that look quite cool, this also an improvement from the last layout.