Monday, 24 September 2012

What Im doing

Hi, im just giving you a quick inside of what I am doing at the moment first of all I'm currently making mock ups for my website to hopefully be up and running for the degree show and I am getting help with the coding from a music student. secondly I am currently creating a third game idea which will be kept with very simple mechanics and again leaving choice and chance within the game play. Ive come up with a few concepts myself but have become too complex and I have been doing a few games of play testing with Josh to see what works well and what needs to be improved to make yet another cool game concept. I had a lot of inspiration from Perudo where there is an essence of gambling and luck which gives excitement.

Website mock ups, Gallery section, enlarge and print.

This is the new game idea using hexagon grid-Block Me?

Drawing your own consequences via water pipe game 

Monday, 10 September 2012


I have finaly finished my dissertation which will be handed on on friday the 14th. Apart from all this hard work into the essay i have been keeping myself busy with other various ideas and projects. I have been looking into Perler beads of creating models from a Pixel point of view which has been mentioned in my essay. I have also been discussing what the best options are to enhance Pixel me and I feel as though a website needs to come together hopefully with the help of a someone who is specialized in that area. I am also going to work on a new game design within Pixel me to strengthen the concept. Finaly im helping out on Tuesday and Friday with 1st years as its about character creation and how to make your own rules and consequences to make a unique game idea.

Creating the bead work

Complete model once ironed