Friday, 4 January 2013

And we all lived happily ever after!

Post 63 The final post of the Masters, here are a few more pics to back up the idea of Pixel Me 2 or the new template in other words. I've had a cracking time on the course and hope to get help in pushing Pixel Me further after Uni with a certain JOSH TAYLOR! apart from this bring on the show and I hope myself and everyone else gets the Grades they deserve!


Using the cube as an eye

lots of creativity and imagination from drawing to construction (this will need to go on the website as a downloadable template at some point.)

Within my blog you will find the process of the website and what the best course of action to take, the problems I encountered and how I solved them. You will also find exploration of Ideas from new games, testing, how to get thoughts across. What works, what doesn’t and what can continue.
This Semester I started out play testing in the summer my two games that I previously made. From the dissertation I knew the best course of action would be to build a website, which would also be free to be use as a learning tool within schools, education and social values. Semester 3 wasn’t really about taking much further at this point but to round off the previous semesters and make my MA into a Product which was free to download and play.
The best thing for me over the course of Semester 3 was the Website coming together and getting the right look and feel that promotes creativity, drawing, making and doing. There are still things that could be added in the future to the website but this depends on feedback. This would consist of new games, concepts, competitions and merchandise.
As the Semester was getting too a close I decided to look back at my previous semesters of creating a new concept for Pixel Me and so I set out to create a new template which consists of more drawing but basic construction of using the cube on the page to be glued anywhere on the character, ranging from noses, hats, hands, items, jet packs and lots more. Again the idea is to promote creativity, ideas and design.
As I have been working with my idea over the past few weeks, Paper craft has hit headlines in articles and what I mean by that is Iphone games are in development using just paper characters and environments. The other is a company that has just released a product, where the person creates something on paper and sends it off to be made into a toy. This was a bit distressing at the time but I look at it as, what I am creating has a place in the current market and my product has much more to offer in terms of games, drawing and making and best of all its free.
Over all the semester has gone very well I have rounded off my initial concept while thinking about other possible products and designs that can be related. In the long run I would like to carry this on after University but not on my Own. The only thing I haven’t done is send the website out to schools via E-mail. This would be the next step to strengthen Pixel Me to get the support and feedback from the community to go forward with my product.