Sunday, 27 November 2011

Pixel Me Game/ Activity

From creating and designing, we are now on a new wave length which is possibly (most likely) going to be turned into some sort of game/ activity and currently i need to design more characters so here is another two! and i have also been considering of how we might make this work suck as getting you own dice, using props, sets of rules, how many people, being in teams, what sort of age, what sort of environment lots to consider and look at but for know here is Smiler and Dodgey Derek! :)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

First Design of the New Template by MWAH!

Now that the essays are pretty much out the way and i have updated my blog with lots of research, inspiration and ideas i thought i would go back to creating some designs while i wait for the 3D model/ Template to be done! so here is Mr Fire Starter and Screamer!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Doing and Thinking!

I'm currently sorting where I'm up to at the moment, so i need my literature review checked I've put some designs for the Pixel Me template but some of them wont load so need to do that and second I'll be concentrating on the contextual review and to see what sort of game scenarios these characters could go into! so I just for I would keep you all updated.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Success! :)

i have finally managed to get my idea as a success :) i was bit nervous but i knew that i would go down great and to be honest it couldn't of got any better the kids were really enthusiastic and their teacher was really excited. First of all my presentation consisted of  lots of drawings and images to show the kids about where i started, which was pixel art and how i branched over into toys and so on. once the presentation was complete i got the class to draw on the templates with any materials and in this case they used felts and pencils. they worked really hard and in the end i picked 3 winners in which they got a small prize. finally i had spare templates left over and they loved them that much they took more home with them and i ended up running out!

So overall I've found that the kids really enjoy it and would love to do more. I got 2 areas of feedback which was possibly making the head round or having an add on, i have already tried this such as ears and tails etc but doesn't seem to be a good as the current design. I have had a top day and i know the fact that my template and ideas can go further the Kids loved the idea of having their renders back as 3D models, they also thought the idea was amazing of incorporating their character into a video game scenario as well as making them as an activity. ( Here is a few pics below of the Me and the class)!

Monday, 14 November 2011

I'm still working!

Hi everyone i know i haven't wrote in about week so just to let you all know i'm not dead I'm currently working on the re - design of the paper toy layout, getting my presentation ready for the school and I'm also putting my bibliography together for the literature review!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Barley's back!

I've just converted Barley Bear into his new layout design and I've also adjusted the template int the top right hand corner into an official key and also added certain symbols to make it clearer such as "Cut and Glue".

Getting it right!

I have focused and developed further the paper characters and how to create your own. First of all i created a couple my self using different materials such as felt tips, fine liners and pencil crayons. I had a play around with these to see the what works best, I then gave my templates to other peers and tutors in the class to see what crazy designs they came up with.
Me and Josh started to discuss little Harry's drawing where he had done everything perfect apart from the arms being upside down, so i knew straight away that the design had to be re worked on. so my next step was to re design the layout and test to see if they work and currently at the moment the design has been done but i need to see if it works. so overall there has been a few problems but i think i've started to get them in place so at this stage its more development to get the layout of the design exactly right! and in the next few days i will be having a section on my blog for other peoples designs! :)
I still need to scan every one else is drawings so until then more ideas to put these guys into a game scenario!

                                                                Josh's - Mechanic Mick!
                                                                         The Old Layout
                                                           The New Layout - Not tested Yet