Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Success! :)

i have finally managed to get my idea as a success :) i was bit nervous but i knew that i would go down great and to be honest it couldn't of got any better the kids were really enthusiastic and their teacher was really excited. First of all my presentation consisted of  lots of drawings and images to show the kids about where i started, which was pixel art and how i branched over into toys and so on. once the presentation was complete i got the class to draw on the templates with any materials and in this case they used felts and pencils. they worked really hard and in the end i picked 3 winners in which they got a small prize. finally i had spare templates left over and they loved them that much they took more home with them and i ended up running out!

So overall I've found that the kids really enjoy it and would love to do more. I got 2 areas of feedback which was possibly making the head round or having an add on, i have already tried this such as ears and tails etc but doesn't seem to be a good as the current design. I have had a top day and i know the fact that my template and ideas can go further the Kids loved the idea of having their renders back as 3D models, they also thought the idea was amazing of incorporating their character into a video game scenario as well as making them as an activity. ( Here is a few pics below of the Me and the class)!

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