Friday, 22 June 2012

Fulwood College

After rescheduling the workshop I decided to take Squiggle Me down to Fulwood. We had a group of about 10 of us and again I just told them a bit about myself and what I've done, Then got straight down to Business. This time I decided to set a theme around the Guild 2012 and so the participants had to draw related people, buildings and stories to incorporate that into the squiggles. examples; P.N.E, Tom Finney, Tight rope walker, B.A.E, cotton industry, Harris museum and many more. Then once all the drawing was complete we decided to get into pairs and create a story via the cards we made and once finished we all go up in pairs and told our own stories related to the guild.

Overall The session went really well and again I tried a different approach of having a theme which made boundaries, One thing was brilliant and that was one of the pairs decided to make a poem which again another way of presenting squiggle me. I also instead of a group story individual ones and it was great to see other peoples thoughts and ideas. At the moment synopsis and literature done. going to look at dissertation brief and experimenting with the 3rd game idea with different types of grid papers. 

Guild Drawings

Cutting out

Discussing stories


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