Thursday, 1 March 2012


After completing the squiggle me template i have decided to go all out and get as many tests from different people as possible first of all i will be getting prints made for the 1st years and get them to have a play around with them, secondly I'm still currently waiting for confirmation for me to go over to the school but hopefully I will be going over there on Tuesday with the Renders ( Help from Scott) and another small presentation on "Squiggle Me" and the rules to "Pixel Me" so i can get the kids involved in lots of creativity for the afternoon and finally me and Scott will be taking my games to Fullwood College for a workshop day, again see what feedback I get. This will all be very helpful in getting my idea out there, So next week hopefully lots of playing and testing and the feedback will be the key to see if it works and is enjoyable.

I have spent all day re-visiting the notes on the lectures and starting to see what lectures are relevant to my techniques and methods.

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