Saturday, 10 March 2012

Time for School!

On Tuesday i took my "Pixel Me" designs and game rules over to the school as well  as the  "Squiggle me" Templates First of all I did a small presentation of where i have been going with the "Pixel Me" franchise and how i have incorporated a game idea into it. I then started to talk about the basic website I have designed and how this is going to be the start and hopefully get the ideas out there once complete. Finally the most important thing for me was to test the squiggles on the kids and to see if they enjoy it.

After the presentation we split the kids in to two groups and got them to play "Get Steph" but this time outside in the yard and adding more rules as we went along, like we did in the classroom but this time on a slightly bigger scale, so this time instead of using fingers as measurement I got the kids to use their spare pumps, they loved and it was great to see them being really enthusiastic about it. After i decided to ask for feedback in what they would like to see and what could improve and to be honest i was really happy with the responses i got back. Every single one of them said they loved it and the only thing, was to possibly make templates for little objects and weapons to add into the games. So overall i great exercise and has gone down really well for testing and research.

Secondly i had a word with the kids about  the squiggle me this point just for drawing and the story idea set in place and again the response was positive. in fact some of the kids enjoyed the drawing of the "Squiggle Me" instead of "Pixel Me", so again it just proves i must be doing something right.

Currently at the moment Scott is doing the kids renders and i need to collect the squiggle me tests back. Back in doors I'm currently making the cardholder, Looking into a simple layout for "Squiggle Me", and working out the mechanics for the main story game.

Boys vs Girls

Using the shoe as units of measurement

What do you think and how should I improve

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