Thursday, 15 March 2012

Story Squiggles!

After getting lots of various feedback for "Squiggle Me" and still more to come, I have decided to start creating the mechanics for the story based game around it.


Basic rules
1.      Download your “Squiggle Me” cards, design, colour and cut out
2.      Find a die (However many sides or numbers)
3.      Find a place to play – living room, in the car, train station, on the lawn
4.      Shuffle the cards
5.      Roll die to decide what genre of story you will be telling – 1: horror, 2: romance, 3: sci – fi, 4: western, 5: fantasy, 6: crime/detective
6.      First player roll die and take out the amount of cards shown on the dice – Once taken start the beginning of the story
7.      Keep adding parts of the story by rolling the die and collecting the amount of cards shown on the dice.
8.      The last player in the group will create the ending to the story.

Add as many cards as you want in the deck, decide what sided die you want – A six sided dice works well in our tests
Add more rules, Time and even teams, tell us your stories and show us your drawings and we will publish your stories and drawings for all to experience your “Squiggle Me” fun.

Currently at the moment I'm trying to get the older generation to have a go at the squiggles, so I've handed out   some templates to customers in my local shop and now just waiting on feedback and results.
Finally their are various other games that can be used with the "Squiggle Me" templates such as;

You design your own cards and just duplicate your pages and print.

Who's The?
The user will draw the scariest card for example, once you have drawn a scary character you will put them into a deck and play a sort of customized Top Trumps game.

Possible themes games such as; Batman, creating Batman characters and telling a story of the ones you have created  putting them into new scenarios.

Another possibility is to trade cards between different people to either create new stories or maybe just to collect different peoples art work

Overall i think lots of potential is here its just going about it in the right way.

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