Monday, 19 March 2012

Lots of playing!

After having a play around with the mechanics for the story based section for "Squiggle Me", it has turned out to have gone down really well for the first set of tests. About a week ago I used the first test with two other peers in  class and their responses were that they loved it. "Fun", "Funny" and "Creative". The only thing was to "Maybe not have a page layout to tell the story, just tell and discuss it amongst ourselves." These were a few student opinions. Overall they really enjoyed it and would defiantly play it again. However I decided to play the game on my own and see if there was anything that works better or worse. To be honest after doing this, I found that you can't really play it on your own because it can get quite boring and you don't have the same impact when your with another player or players. On the other hand you can start to design your "Squiggle Me" cards and get ready for future games.

So after lots of testing and research I believe the purpose for these games are to aspire to be creative, get better at drawing, improve literacy skills, confidence in speaking and writing and most important of all just have fun!!!


The Rich: Always at work, never at home, so a good way of bonding with the kids in a good old traditional way. eg: being round the fire on a table with the family.

The Poor: For people who might not have as much money and need something free or very cheap and at the same time me fun and enjoyable for either the kids or the whole family.

Specific Learning Difficulties: I was diagnosed with dyslexia in the last year or so and using this could well improve again my literacy, presentation skills, grammer and punctuation and building confidence to speak out aloud.

Other Aspects:  There are other possible areas to explore such as "Squiggle Me" being used in schools to help kids benefit from a different way of learning.

. This could possibly used as team building exercises for companies and employers.

. Used as an activity for the likes of youth clubs and holiday resort activities

. This could also be used as a drinking game to get everybody involved, so overall lots of opportunity and potential.

Starting out with the genre of the story

Choosing the cards to use from the deck

coming to the final conclusions of the story


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