Thursday, 22 March 2012

Round up!

Currently at the moment I've been doing lots of different things first of all i have handed back the renders to the kids and these were made by Scott Taylor. Big Thanks the only problem was that the actual model was based on the old template so some of the designs are slightly out of line so when i need to i will ask Scott to help me with creating a new one or adjusting the previous one. Secondly I collected the "Squiggle Me" designs from the school and was great to see their enthusiasm for the project. So the next step is to go back to the school and get the class to play the "Squiggle Me" game and that is nearly on the way. It would also be great to get some feedback from a teachers perspective on "Squiggle Me" and to see what works well, what can be improved and can they see this as a learning technique in schools!

I have also been working on some story sheets and changing little bits of the "Squiggle Me" card layouts.

Here are some of the kids renders from the school for "Pixel Me" what Scott Taylor did.

This is one of the Designs that I collected from the School

Here is a printable story sheet that the users can use to write down their stories. 

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