Monday, 27 February 2012

Coming Together!

Today I've finally got a professional template which holds 6 cards and has some of the best squiggles , from the feedback of the other tests. I also arranged to play "Wings of war" which was a great in the sense of having a basic set of rules and you can start to add and remove mechanics as long as the other players agree on it. This ties in with the "Get Steph" game type for "Pixel Me".
The other thing that was interesting was my boss used the "Pixel me" template, flipped the body upside down and he is now using it as a card holder for his games. This is the exact same idea i wanted to use for the "Squiggle Me" game. So it proves these templates work for the card holder and possibly other uses.
Overall today has gone great with lots of research while taking on board different ideas and aspects.

Squiggle me template

Playing Wings of War

using the Pixel Me design as a card holder

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