Saturday, 11 February 2012

Story Cards!

After coming back from Prague I started to talk about the things i did and my sight seeing out there and show what has given me my inspiration and ideas. The Biggest Inspiration for me was Rory's story cubes where the user will role 9 dice with pictures on it and make a story using the images on the dice. So this i where i wanted to combined the creativity, the idea of customized snap and the story telling. So the idea is to create lots of blank cards with certain shapes that are on it and the user must draw something while using that shape on the card, Once drawn the player will put them in a pile and shuffle. Then the player will select a certain amount of cards, make a story from it and either write it in a pixel me book or send it to the website. This is the basic mechanics of the game and to develop this further the key thing to focus on is the shapes (seeds) of the card such as " two circles could be eyes and you make a face or it could be a set of wheels so from this game it is about creativity, imagination and other peoples perspectives.

Manipulating the (Circle Shape) to create a picture based on your imagination.