Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Boom - tastic!

Hi guys just to let you know where i have been and what I've been doing first of all i went to Prague for a couple of days and to cut the long story short. There was a lot of things out there that was very beneficial to my work and thoughts, first of all i went round the "Lego Museum" which helped a lot because it showed how "Lego" changed its designs through the years from very big blocks with only a few shapes to choose from and eventually got more complex years on (haven't got pics yet but once ready i will crack on more with the research pages.) The second one was looking at the old "Czech Toys", these are old hand made and painted and again i will go further in detail in my inspiration section. lots of shape, simplicity, that likable factor and a key thing for me they had the same toys in lots of different sizes. Unfortunately the Toy Museum wasn't open :( 45 mins walk it took us to get there.

Another game was "Rory's Story Cubes" this caught my attention because on  the dice it was images and you roll about 9 at a time and once rolled children make there own stories up but including the images that appear on the dice.( again ill do more of this in my research.)

finally just to give a quick taster I have gone back to creating a few simple shape drawings to see what works and what doesn't below is a few different basic shapes, techniques and keeping that child, blocky look and feel!

The Piggies (Flat Counter)

Cheeky Devil (Legs)

Egglets (Flat Counter)

Me at Prague Lego Museum 

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