Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Squiggle Me Test 1!

From my first test of the shapes on the cards, it was very interesting to see what designs my peers and tutors came up with. Once everyone had drawn their designs, I asked for some feedback on what was positive and also the negative aspects. First of all the positive feedback was "Challenging for the imagination (in a good way)", "Fun". On the other hand to improve the game I have to "reduce the size of the shapes because they are too big," "need simpler shapes such as, circles, triangles and squares." Finally " need more space to express Creativity."

Overall the first test has gone fairly well considering what my peers were creating and the different perceptions of what people see from the shapes. However the next step for me is to create some more cards where the shapes are much simpler, smaller and slightly shaded. Thanks to everyone who took part in my first exercise of Squiggle Me!

Josh Test 1                

Steve Test 2

Josh Test 3

Sam Test 4

OJ Test 5

Scott Test 6

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  1. Pretty interesting Dave! Thats what MA's are made of! I wasn't invited to this party though :(