Saturday, 21 January 2012

Semester 2 is here!

The first thing I did was to do a learning agreement of what I wanted to do next and what and how I wanted to take forward. So after talking to Josh about what I want to do, I am finally set on something and that is to create a successful, small scale printable sort of board game and the key areas are to see how small I can go with the design but still keeping that fun, cool and likeable factor just like the previous design from semester 1. The first step is to crack on with the research and looking into advanced making and doing.

. I will need to research different types of games from traditional to digital.
. I will be getting some sketches and designs together to see what shapes and characteristics work well.
. I will be doing a lot of testing with my own designs and playing to see what the audience thinks while taking their feedback on board.
. I will also be playing a lot of games either on my own or with different people and discuss what's fun, what looks great and how these can be used within my ideas. and to do this documenting and evidence is essential.
. Once the ideas get up and running will branch out and try and get my idea across to the public such as the school, arts crafts fair in my village and my friends and family.

To kick it all off for getting to grips with new games I have a play date with my boss and his mates and I will be playing the game wings of war.

The others in the pipeline will be to play board games, and digital games like the Lego building games and kids games at home and uni, then to question them on why they work and possibly see how I can use these mechanics in my own game idea.

So overall just having a think and play around with several games and coming with my own design for the second game of Pixel me

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