Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A New Design!

After playing around and looking into the research and board game ideas i thought i would stop that for a little while and concentrate on the concept of a character being small as possible but still being cool. So i First Started to draw some basic shapes in my sketch book and eventually i have branched off the rectangle and to add feet or/ and ears. These aren't separate parts they actually connect to one template. Here are few examples below.
Here is the basic Template of the Triangle Character

Adding Horns as a possibility

This is where i started to add feet

After adding these little things I then started to put these templates together and see if they worked well. First thing was the get the basic design and look at size comparison.

The Big one is far too big, the small one can be slightly fiddly but the medium one is perfect for the actual size and there's no problems putting it together. 

I Then looked into adding Feet and Ears and the ones on the right worked the best in terms of giving the characteristics to the users creation but the others don't really seem a strong enough design to have on the character  permanently. On the other hand i found that the actual ears ( below) seem to work very well to make the design stand out more and to make it even better adding these feet will make it look more life like.

Design with Ears

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