Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pixel Me Community!

The past couple of days have been great with ideas and so forth such as a board game idea and how i can get pixel me out there tothe public. So here goes ive come up witht he idea of creating a website with a series of tabs based around pixel me!
This will consist of a page about the product which will lead onto my blog a bit about me, contacting pixel me and a facebook page, the second is to get the template up so the audience can download it. and i can put their finished characters up in a gallery that people can download, the next one is the 3D versions of their character and again will be in a gallery (This is currently in the process with the help of Scott Taylor). The next one for theaudience to send me rules of how they played their game with their character and once sent they will be published on the website.

The first game idea consisted of Me, Josh, Scott and Steph played a game based on us rolling dice, taking turns to try and capture Steph and listed below is the rules (These are set out by Josh Taylor).

Rules for "Get Steph"

Yesterday we got the 2nd Years to have a go at the game and see what their version was and in the end they created some unique ideas based on one of the characters having a hat which can be taken on and off. so their idea was,( if i remember this right) who ever reaches the hat gets to control the other players and they kind of have to chances. so when the another player crosses each other they will duel and throw 3 Dice at a time. who ever matches 2 out 3 numbers on the dice first wins that battle and the losing player is out of the game.

So overall today there has been another success, for getting more players together, new rules and overall the other players loved it and what makes it that more unique is the audience can customize everything and create everything that suits them.

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