Thursday, 8 December 2011

More Ideas!

I just thought I would wright this in before i forget. Ive also had a big think about a board game version of "Get Step" as the example. where the player will use movemnet cards as described in my inspiration section ( Wings of war) and the other was going to be a range indicator so how far away you might get hit. but i like thie idea that the player can move where ever they want as long as they obey the dice....... so instead of cards for the board game it would be just a giant grid so the players just move into squares and they still can make there own rules up. This will be put aside for now and possibly made into a pitch document in the near future! but for now im going to concentrate on getting this webasite together and im currently looking into the layout and presentation, ive got an idea for the facebook page but just need the english checking and second I'm currently working on the Front cover ( Help of Josh Taylor).......Simple, clean and kind of looks like morph style. the only thing needed for the opener is a character bursting out! :) so a working progress.... I have a week! :)

Website Idea - The opener!

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