Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pixel Me 2

Hi everyone, its coming to an end. :( gutted. any way all of us in class have been thinking hard about the degree show and we are going with a racing theme with thanks to Josh, Steph, Steve, OJ and Sam. Anyway back to the important bit I've been looking into a new template for Pixel Me where the user can build as well as draw. I have been playing around for a while but still want to keep the charm and relate it the previous template. So at the moment I'm looking at creating a few characters to see what I get out of it and what you can do with them. On the other side of things I've had problems with the printing function not scaling to full size and I think the type of files need to be changed from PNG's and JPEG's to PDF's this gives the full size of the image for the images and so now this just needs applying to every image and I think were good togo. As for the show the only thing is the activity table to if I don't get one just to have a desk with all the appropriate materials for playing and creating with some cloths i thinks the best option. Ow I can upload photos again! :) (some how). For this template its all down to being creative such as using the cube as a snout, arms, hat, objects, back pack, bum, wart, spots, another character, the list is endless and you can just keep downloading the template to get a fresh cube.

New template with attachable cube (Can stick any where on the model)

Piggles once he has been constructed

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