Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bradford animation festival

Great day yesterday at Bradford Animation Festival very good talks about jobs, education and research. My favorite talk was the Armenia Design lads from Czech. The Gameplay was a very interactive point and click, with a unique style very child like and really grabbed my attention in terms of the randomness and how he got inspired for the game and art work. The game was very simple with lots of fun animations. Apart from this I've still been working alongside Dan to get this website up and running. (Not far off to be honest the scrolling idea will be a first but we will see what happens. Then just a few tweaks-Thanks Dan). I've just been creating and making these Pixel Me characters looking into my role within jobs and just a few ideas possibly for other T-shirts, these are just a basic ideas but could have work on such as: Blue print, graffiti then just looking into warping the Pixel me template to see whether or not animation could be used to show movement of the character.

Blue print


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