Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Big One!

After the presentation I decided to give it a week and start to absorb the new dissertation assignments. First of all I think the best thing for me when I go back in September is to get my website live and running and to go along side that a possible pitch document for digital versions and the key area is to create a 3rd game to really knock the nail on the head.
Any way currently at the moment I have my question for my essays of summer and this will be "Is modern technology killing creativity and imagination" This will be my main focus in terms of information and the first areas I will be looking into is getting an overall view as a starting point from different websites.

. Look at the Kinect
. Drawing in terms of an Xbox game
. BBC article about drawing can determine strokes ( related to semester 2 Therapy work )
. Photoshop Vs Hand sketching
. Pros and Cons of the above

This will give me a basis for the start of my potential research

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